Hellenic Art and Culture
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We welcome you to our traditional village OIA, one of the five best travel destinations in the world. We are located at the central footpath of OIA, where the marble stones have engraved within them thousands of years of Greek history.

This is the history you can admire in our shop-including creations of known Greek artists who have meticulously and imaginatively created replicas and authentic works of art inspired by Greek folklore and traditions. This same folklore and tradition which continued to inspire Greek artists for the last 3.500 years and continues to do so leading to creations made of glass, reflecting the Cycladic art. Wall paintings (frescoes) that encompass all the technical and art knowledge of thousand of years. Ceramics representing traditional designs (figures), made of baked argil (potters earth), given to us in plentitude by the greek earth and shaped with care and love using the "sgraffito" technique by artists who have more than 120 years of family tradition in ceramics.

Replicas of the geometric, Attic and black-red periods (8th c. B.C. - 5th c. B.C.), as well as more modern designs made of metal and glass inspired by the ancient gods and goddesses.

All objects are handcrafted

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