By "Glass Studio" workshop.

A unique collection of handmade glass designed objects for the sensual home. Our design philosophy stems from our personal quest for the elegant, the unusual and the new, and is mirrored in all our series of objects. Our interest is focused on new techniques and innovative technology - the backbone of our creations. The philosophy of "Glass Studio", though, extends beyond that, dedicated not only to warm and friendly customer service but also to efficient and reliable business transactions.

All "Glass Studio" products share the same attention to detail throughout the production process and are all lovingly handcrafted and immaculately finished.

Our in depth technical knowledge of glass, is cornerstone for a consistent production of exceptional quality, ensured by countless controls and tests from the selection of the raw material, through every step of production and finishing.

* All "Glass Studio" products were tested by the internationally acknowledged Institute of Glass Research "British Glass Technology" and approved of the 5th of February 1998 for Lead and Cadmium Release, (ISO 7086/1) for products that come in contact with food.

Coasters mat
set of 6
9x9 cm  
Candle holder AT-10-20-B401
Height: 20 cm  
Small box TR-17-10-B401
10x10x4 cm  
Big box TR-17-12-B401
12x12x4 cm  
Candle holder AT-10-00-B401
Height: 9 cm  

Coasters transparent
set of 6
9x9 cm  
Incense burner JP-11-02-4000
2.5x2.5x2.5 cm  
Aluminum bud vase JP-08-10-A000
Height: 10 cm  
Wax filled candle holder TR-10-16-B400
Diameter: 16 cm  
Sushi plate JP-15-27-B400
20x28 cm  

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