Oval tray PR-07-56-M401
56x24x2 cm 28.800 drs
Round tray PR-07-36-M401
Diameter: 35 cm 18.300 drs

Large vase
bronze base
Height: 40 cm 40.000 drs
Large vase
aluminum base
Height: 40 cm 40.000 drs

Small bowl PR-02-21-M401
Diameter: 21 cm 16.900 drs
Large bowl PR-02-26-M401
Diameter: 26 cm 22.200 drs

Large bowl PR-02-44-M401
Diameter: 45 cm 27.500 drs

Center piece PR-04-31-M401
30x30x9 cm 26.200 drs

Center piece PR-04-45-M401
45x27x6 cm 34.200 drs

Big vase PR-08-25-M401
Height: 15 cm  
Small vase PR-08-15-M401
Height: 12 cm  

Large bawl PR-02-35-M401
Diameter: 28 cm  
Small bowl PR-02-25-M401
Diameter: 21 cm  

Center piece TR-07-60-M400
60x27x10 cm  

Bowl PR-02-34-M401
Diameter: 34 cm  

Set of six
9x9 cm 10.200 drs
Medium ashtray VN-01-17-B201
17x17x1.5 cm  
Small ashtray VN-01-11-201
11x11x1.5 cm  
Tray VN-07-40-B201
24x40 cm  
Bowl VN-02-31-B201
Diameter: 31 cm  
Small ashtrays
Set of four
7x7x1 cm  

Round large ashtray PR-01-25-M401
Diameter: 25 cm 9.900 drs
Round small ashtray PR-01-13-M401
Diameter: 13 cm 6.000 drs
Candle holder PR-10-10-M401
Height: 6 cm 6.300 drs
Square large ashtray PR-01-23-M401
23x23x2 cm 9.900 drs
Square small ashtray PR-01-15-M401
15x15x2 cm 6.000 drs
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